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Height:  6'1", or so Weight:  135 lbs. Alumni Status:  '97
Location:  Chicago Favorite Baseball Team:  White Sox
Natural Enemies:  Southern Cal, Michigan, all Florida teams

Athletic Ability: Nought

Sartorial Style: When casual, I'm still in college mode: jeans, ND t-shirt (that's almost all I have), & flannel shirts, though I'm switching to khakis more and more, for comfort. To work I wear slacks and a tie, Brooks Brother's style, usually with a jacket, sometimes a full suit. I kind of like those four-button British 3-piece suits, but I've never gotten around to owning them - wouldn't know where to buy one.

Favorite Beverage and Consumption Freq: Manhattans made with Rye Whiskey (Old Overholt is the easiest to find), Martinis made with Beefeater's gin, G&T's with Tanqueray, most any kind of Scotch (I like Oban) or Irish (the Green Spot, Redbreast, and Black Bush, with Jammie's for everyday or in your tea while camping) whiskey, and Jack with a twist of lemon (cuts the edge just enough). I love ports, sherries, cognacs (though I haven't had a smooth one in a long time), and various dessert whines (Tokaji, from Hungary, and Kracker, from Austria), though I'm no expert on any of them. Despite some German heritage, I find most schnapps to be insufferable, with the college kids' favorites, Goldschlager & Jagermeister, to be especial abominations. There are few beers I dislike, unless they're the stuff I drank in college or just about any major midwestern American brewery. 3 country beer trip? Ireland, Belgium, Germany (or Czech Republic).

Political Philosophy: Conservative - i.e., fairly close to classically liberal in my economics, very close to the Catholic Church in my social beliefs.

Religious Philosophy: Roman Catholic, fairly to very conservative.

Musical Favorites: Irish folk & offshoots (Pogues)

Jazz (Fitzgerald & Armstrong)

Rock (classic, some punk, some later, such as U2)

Country (traditional and insurgent/alternative - Johnny Cash and his offspring)

Classical - all over, don't really know it

Choral (madrigals & chant)

Folk (American, British, Irish - the non-Jazz-&-Blues predecessors to Country & Rock)

Blues (B. B. King, Melvin Taylor & the Slack Band)

Probably more.

Favorite Quote from an ND Coach: "We're going inside of ‘em, we're going outside of ‘em -- inside of ‘em! outside of ‘em! -- and when we get them on the run once, we're going to keep ‘em on the run. And we're not going to pass unless their secondary comes up too close. But don't forget, men -- we're gonna get ‘em on the run, we're gonna go, go, go, go! -- and we aren't going to stop until we go over that goal line!" The name of the coach is unnecessary, I think.

Miscellaneous Data: I'm an English teacher, happily married, and a great waster of time.