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Height:  5'9 Weight:  165 lbs. Alumni Status:  Subway
Location:  NW Indiana - 40 mins west of the Holy Land Favorite Baseball Team:  White Sox (not a Cubs-hater, though)
Natural Enemies:  Most fans of: USC and/or UMich; people who don't fill out a profile

Athletic Ability: Sure and recently took up baseball again (thank God for over the hill leagues)

Sartorial Style: Collared shirt and khakis by day, Levi jeans/t-shirt by night

Favorite Beverage and Consumption Freq: RC Cola; Mt. Dew; I'd prefer not to contract consumption...I saw Moulin Rouge

Political Philosophy: No one is ever good enough

Religious Philosophy: Catholic with an open-mind - Also, I contribute to the ND Alumni fund so I can have ND I guess that helps someone/somewhere

Musical Favorites: Pearl Jam; The Cure; R.E.M.; Smashing Pumpkins; Garbage; Kill Hannah

Favorite Quote from an ND Coach: "I just flat-out can't coach" (OK, Boob didn't actually say this but it doesn't make it any less true)

Miscellaneous Data: Raised heavily on DePaul B-ball & ND Football - I tend to play devil's advocate - I enjoy a good non-pc joke (I just like to laugh).

If you think I'm being serious, check your batteries.


I wish all baseball players would approach the game the way Carlton Fisk did (albeit quicker paced)