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Height:  5'8" Weight:  185 lbs. Alumni Status:  Calss of 1984, B.A.
Location:  Arlington, Va Favorite Baseball Team:  Yankees
Natural Enemies: 

Athletic Ability: I run marathons and half marathons. Run is somewhat of a loose term. In high school, I would have called it walking, but at least it ebats sitting on the couch.

Sartorial Style: Get to wear suits to the office; jeans to the games

Favorite Beverage and Consumption Freq: Beer, a couple a week

Political Philosophy: I am generally pro-politics. Living in DC, too many people do it for a living. I am a little tired of the lack of respect each sides flame throwers show. Nearly all people are motivated for good reasons, we need to assume better of our opponents.

Religious Philosophy: R.C. Pretty standard stuff. Attend St. Charles in Arlington.

Musical Favorites: Jazz, Rock, not heavy metal

Favorite Quote from an ND Coach:

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