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Height:  5'7' Weight:  155 lbs. Alumni Status:  PSY '86 (Flanner, Univ Pk Apts, 714 St Louis St)
Location:  Washington Twp, NJ Favorite Baseball Team:  Phillies
Natural Enemies:  NY Giants Fans; Mets Fans;

Athletic Ability: HS Football/Baseball
ran a 4.5 40 a couple of times--now just living off my rep for speed.
Pretty decent golfer now (about a 10 handicap when I'm playing more than once a month).

Sartorial Style: neat, Eddie Bauer/Banana Republic type
jeans & golf shirt to work

Favorite Beverage and Consumption Freq: Victory, Troeg's, Ithaca beer.

Political Philosophy: common sense. registered democrat when I turned 18, and never bothered to change it. Vote Republican about half the time.

Religious Philosophy: former atheist...The BR got to me

Musical Favorites: Always have the Beatles, Prince, Johnnie Cash, Pretenders, Bowie, Clash, GnR, Zeppelin ready
Other favorites: Sade, the Fall, Jonathan Richman

Favorite Quote from an ND Coach:

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