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Height:  average Weight:  average lbs. Alumni Status:  sub
Location:  Near far too many Ohio State fans Favorite Baseball Team:  Philadelphia, and no, not just recently. Dodgers too
Natural Enemies:  bandwagon fans

Athletic Ability: I hit right-handed, but field left handed. I play golf right-handed but hockey left-handed. In short, my athletic ability is a little messed up.

Sartorial Style: Superstitious at sporting events. Sloppy most everywhere else.

Favorite Beverage and Consumption Freq: Coca-Cola, far too often. Virtually all of my alcohol consumption was done illegally.

Political Philosophy: I am middle of the road in the aggregate, but only because all of my political beliefs are either far to the right of Attila or far to the left of Marx. As for the people currently practicing politics, I have yet to find one I'd bother to piss on, even if he or she were on fire.

Religious Philosophy: Religion and philosophy shouldn't be mixed. One wants you to think too much, one doesn't want you to think enough. I do believe in the same God that I would suspect most of the rest of you believe in, for what that is worth.

Musical Favorites: If it is really loud, and has stupid lyrics about drinking, drugs, sex, or parents who just don't understand no matter how hard they may be trying, I probably like it. Heavy rock from the 60s to the early 90s and heavy metal from the 70s and 80s. Yeah, I'll admit it, I am a KISS fan.

Favorite Quote from an ND Coach: "The good Lord allows just so much profanity on one team, and I use up our entire quota." Lou Holtz. I try to live this every day.

Miscellaneous Data: I take sports way too seriously, but do not base my worth as a person on the fortunes and sparkling history of the Fighting Irish football team. I am discovering the cult of Ohio State fandom is just as disturbing as that of Michigan or Penn State. Alum or not, why do so many people derive their self-worth from the fate of a damn football team? I also am a Dodgers fan since the age of nine. I didn't think it was fair that Oakland had won the world series twice and needed to share, so I rooted for LA. True story. Became a Phillies fan too, but that happened in the Mike Schmidt era. I can't watch the two teams play. I am weird, yes, and I said, I take sports way too seriously.