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Height:  6 ft. Weight:  215 Lbs lbs. Alumni Status:  Business grad 1956
Location:  Jackson,Michigan Favorite Baseball Team: 
Natural Enemies:  People that hate Notre Dame

Athletic Ability: I was a pretty good football player. Had some scholarship offers,but none from ND. A friend and I went to the football office in Breen-Phillips hall to sign up as freshman walk-ons, but line coach, Bob McBride told us to come back in a week. He was too busy to see us at that time. WE never got to see him so we played inter-hall ball.In the fall of 1954 we won the hall championship. We were the men of Baden hall. Today it is just golf and working out.

Sartorial Style: In the summer golf shirts and shorts. In the fall sweatshirts and slacks. However, when it is snowy and cold outside, I love to put on my Dickie boots, Jeans and a light jacket.

Favorite Beverage and Consumption Freq: St. Pauli Girl and Guinness. Several times per week.

Political Philosophy: Conservative. William F. Buckley and Pope John Paul II

Religious Philosophy: Roman Catholic. I really loved the latin mass and miss it very much. IMO changing the mass, the music, traditions was one of the big mistakes of vatican II

Musical Favorites: I like pretty much all music except rap and modern rock. To me the sounds of modern rock could be inter-changeable with dueling chain saws. The music of my youth was great. Guys like Nat King Cole, Frankie Laine ,Johnny Ray, Eddie Arnold, etc. are still tops with me.

Favorite Quote from an ND Coach: " when you score a touchdown, act like you have been there before" Lou Holtz

Miscellaneous Data: I am trying to write a book about my mothers family. My Grandparents and their two children immagrated to this country in 1911. My mom was born a year later. The fist of their children born in USA. My grandpa Mike,died 3 years later.Their journey from his death forward is a sense of tremendous pride and inspiration to me, and I want to share their journey with others