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Quinn Credits Dublin Coffman

"They supported me through high school and college. A lot of people I was fortunate enough to deal with at Dublin Coffman have helped me, and in large part it’s why I am where I am today."

Quinn also says his work ethic made him team oriented.

Not a lot couch-xperts thought the Miami Heat rookie would be playing in the NBA at his point in his career, but the baby-faced assassin has proved them wrong. A nice, belated brought to you article, in the Columbus Dispatch talks about his High School retiring his number.

Quinn's legacy lives on... really... I wasn't going to finish that line, but I will put it this way: a bunch of guys who play like he did are helping Notre Dame to its best season since I can remember and it's about time NDNation took notice. This, somewhat unheralded, freshman class is part of a revival that I don't see ending soon... because they play so -- damn -- hard. Luke "you can shoot him twice and he's still going to score on you" Harangody and Tory Jackson are two of the best freshman since Troy Murphy and Chris Thomas. And Jackson not only has a higher upside than Thomas, but also plays unselfishly and grabs rebounds. A lot of them. Harangody looks he was transported in time from Angelo Pizzo's Hoosiers. That do anything at anytime mentality sets this team apart from any in the recent era.

And they're young.

There's a lot of talk about the ND basketball crowds being fickle and let's face it, part of that is because in the past few years once ND started playing well, they immediately began playing selfish or one-dimensional which would break down the offense and leave the defense "uninspired." They'd start losing and look bad doing it. Duke fans would get tired of it too.

Brey deserves this criticism for that, but he also deserves the praise for this year's performance. In 2007, if a player starts AIing it, he gets yanked. The play is about team and, at times, spectacular ball-movement and a surprisingly aggressive defense (anyone else love Corwin Brown already?) I digress.

ND 2006-7 is so team oriented that ND not only survived the loss of Kyle McAlarney, it's playing for NCAA seeding. It's the most fun team I can remembers since -- damn, that's depressing.

Check out this year's ND team, you can almost hear the echos. It's a throwback team with range: hard fouls, hard rebounding and some fantastic three-point shooting. I'm actually hoping Brey dons the carnation this year.

As far as that quarterback. I really hope Quinn gets what he wants because he's been all but slandered recently, but selfishly I hope he slips to a decent team and has a long career. Whatever the case, the recent bashing won't mean much.

BTW, did you read that part about Troy Smith now trying to "hold the ball higher?"

Remind you of the style that a recent Irish recruit has perfected?


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