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Strange Bedfellows

A long-time Notre Dame employee rides off into the sunset, and ND alums and fans deserve to know who put him on the horse

Notes from the Geetar: Credit Where Credit Is Due

The Thanksgiving Day dawn sees me at my in-laws, anticipating a day where (should I choose) I don’t have to put on my shoes and a dinner of awesome proportions, not to mention tremendous Thanksgiving sandwiches later.  It also, as always, finds me noodling all the reasons I have to be thankful this year. If…

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What Hath Jacks Wrought?

It’s been a while since I’ve been in the House that Rockne Built and Jack & Jack Renovated.  I’m pretty sure it was the last NDN tailgater on campus, which would make it the lovely 38-3 whomping of Texas in 2015.  That’s a 22-game streak, easily the longest in my life as a Notre Dame…

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Don’t Shoot the Messengers

Yes yes, we’re the meanies again.  Same as it ever was. Folks are now getting upset because people on our restricted football board, Rock’s House, are discussing the possible connections between Notre Dame Director of Athletics Jack Swarbrick and the scandal currently overwhelming the United States Gymnastics program and its tolerance of a serial sexual…

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