Notes From the Geetar

Remembering My Notre Dame Friend

The first time I ever saw Lou Somogyi’s name, I was in high school. My dad had received a Blue & Gold subscription for Christmas, and given my nascent interest in attending Notre Dame, I started paging through them as well (when Dad was done, naturally). Since his name seemed to be on a lot…

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Notes from the Geetar: A Notre Dame Christmas Story

  As the calendar inexorably barrels towards the birth of Christ, thoughts turn from the drudgery of the winter of our COVID-ey discontent to the impossible combination of serenity and insanity that is the end-of-year holiday season. Unable to keep my mind on work (or at least less able than I usually am), I chose…

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Notes from the Geetar: Get the Red Out

Irish fans have been looking to set a stronger home field advantage. El K has a couple suggestions in that regard, including a song he thinks ND could use to send its opponents on their way