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Notes from the Geetar: Have Team, Will Travel

The B1G’s announcement of a conference-only 2020 is the first domino in what stands to be a true cascade. COVID-19 has everyone scrambling to still have a season while keeping everything as safe as possible, and Notre Dame is not an exception. So far, all we know is the game against Wisconsin at Lambeau Field…

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The Gist of our Goals

A couple weeks ago, I reviewed the 2014-16 football schedules ND released before the holidays, and said I would talk about the Scheduling Philosophy “tomorrow”. Obviously my concept of the word “tomorrow” is a little skewed, because here we are in January. But tomorrow has come, and as I’ve always said, some things you won…

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The Tracks of our Tiers

I remember the day I set foot on campus in August of 1987 to begin my freshman year, I received a refrigerator magnet that had the football schedules on it through 1993. Life in the days when ND wasn’t almost the only independent in Division 1 and crazy television contracts didn’t rule the day certainly…

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