Notre Dame Stadium

In Praise of Vitamin D

Those of us who prefer games at Notre Dame in the sunlight versus the spotlights will be getting our wish for 2019

Notes from the Geetar: Get Off My [Fake] Lawn Edition

Normally this is where my observations on the game would start, but we’ve got bigger fish to fry.  The 22-game streak is over, the 1,136th day dawns brighter, and my ample posterior returned to the not-so-wooden-now seats of the House that Rockne Built version whatever this past Saturday as the Fighting Irish took on the…

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What Hath Jacks Wrought?

It’s been a while since I’ve been in the House that Rockne Built and Jack & Jack Renovated.  I’m pretty sure it was the last NDN tailgater on campus, which would make it the lovely 38-3 whomping of Texas in 2015.  That’s a 22-game streak, easily the longest in my life as a Notre Dame…

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My Stop’s Coming Up

Slowly but surely, the new FieldTurf is being laid at Notre Dame Stadium. As the pictures inexorably wend their way through various social media outlets, one can see how the structure of the new field will look. I know there are those upset about the turf, and I confess a preference for grass myself. But…

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Enter At Our Own Risk

Let’s face it, in my lexicon, “excellence” is to “Ann Arbor” as “taste” is to “Kardashian”. Unless we’re talking about things like this or this or this, of course … one must recognize facts when they’re presented, after all. But today my hat must tip, because this morning I read an article in the Ann…

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