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2019 Password Reset

Periodically we ask our users to reset their passwords in the interest of site security. While we do not store information such as SSN's or bank account data, the security of our users is always a priority for us.

This time around (and going forward), we've added some requirements for your NDN password:

  1. A minimum of 10 characters
  2. A minimum of one lower-case letter (a-z)
  3. A minimum of one upper-case letter (A-Z)
  4. A minimum of one number (0-9)
  5. Special characters are allowed with the exception of spaces and hashtags (#)

Any submissions violating these rules will be disallowed.

Please complete the form below to start your reset:

Current Password:
Requested Password:
Must be 10 characters or more, with no spaces or hashtags, one upper-case character, one lower-case character, and one number 0-9