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  • Recruiting Video Review

    (Notre Dame Football Recruiting News) –

    See also: Recruiting, Stars and RKGs

    Here are the videos of the 2010 recruiting class with a couple of useless comments to leave or leave as you see fit.

    Andrew Hendrix Useless comment: Great arm strength, great size, surprising speed, unpolished. Urban wanted him, so did Ohio State.

    Tommy … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Recruiting, Stars and RKGs

    (Notre Dame Football Recruiting News) –

    See also: Recruiting Video Review

    (The Rock Report) – The bottom line on this recruiting class, as new head Coach Brian Kelly readily acknowledges, is that it’s not good enough for Notre Dame and coming after last year’s disappointing class, Kelly has his work cut out for him in … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Kelly and Leadership, Part II: Coaching the Coaches

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    (The Rock Report) – When Brian Kelly announced his assistants he said he was looking for “great teachers, great educators, great communicators,” but he also highlighted what … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Snow Globes

    Hailing from an old Irish family, I had no shortage of old Irish great-aunts growing up. And like so many old Irish great-aunts, mine were into snow globes.

    Every couple weeks when we’d pile into the station wagon and head over to Canaryville to “make the rounds”, I’d see dozens and dozens of them gathering … Full Notre Dame News Story