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  • Lunchpail Numbers

    While Mike Brey’s Notre Dame teams have enjoyed varying levels of success, one constant has been the level of effort his players give, both during and after their South Bend stints. Though not always announced on draft night, Brey’s charges have played their way into NBA contracts and starting positions as the result of indefatigable … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Merry Christmas

    Early as it may be, on behalf of Michael, Scott and John, I’d like to wish our readers a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Here’s to health, happiness, and good discussions in 2009.… Full Notre Dame News Story

    Pat Fits? Don’t Think So

    I was working on the (very tardy) headlines this evening when a Sun Times entry caught my eye:

    PAT’s no irish tap dancer

    The folks at the Kiddie Paper, as my grandfather used to call them, aren’t really good at indicating what their articles are about via the headlines, so I opened it up to … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Memo to Jack: Fix It

    For those who do not frequent the NDNation message boards, this was posted by a former Notre Dame player as a commentary on the current state of the program.

    I don’t post to NDNATION often, but read it daily. Before anyone dismisses this as another “internet wacko” post, know this…

    I am a proud member … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Set the Tone

    I decided to drag out a Mike Brey-ism for this one.

    I realize things both on this blog and on Rock’s House and Cartier Field have trended very negative, especially since the Syracuse debacle and everything that’s happened since. I’ve contributed to it, both here and there, and have decided to take a mini sabbatical … Full Notre Dame News Story