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  • Kelly and Leadership, Part II: Coaching the Coaches

    See also: Kelly and Leadership, Part I: Developing Players from the Inside-out See also: Will Kelly’s Offense Work at ND? See also: Brian Kelly and the Secret Sauce

    (The Rock Report) – When Brian Kelly announced his assistants he said he was looking for “great teachers, great educators, great communicators,” but he also highlighted what … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Snow Globes

    Hailing from an old Irish family, I had no shortage of old Irish great-aunts growing up. And like so many old Irish great-aunts, mine were into snow globes.

    Every couple weeks when we’d pile into the station wagon and head over to Canaryville to “make the rounds”, I’d see dozens and dozens of them gathering … Full Notre Dame News Story

    The Invincible Invisibles?

    Coach Kelly is certainly following through on his stated recruiting strategy of going after big skill players who can play a number of positions. Here’s what Kelly told Irish Eyes:

    “Big skill is profiling out, if I could take 20 guys who are tough gentlemen who fit the profile at Notre Dame academically and were … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Situational Analysis

    Esteemed Pit poster Kevin O’Neill (aka Kayo), sometimes reporter for Irish Sports Daily, put together his thoughts on the current situation with ND’s men’s basketball program and how best to improve it.

    Current Situation

    Notre Dame finds its basketball team sitting on a 15-5 overall record, 4-3 in the Big East. Its poor non-conference schedule … Full Notre Dame News Story