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Whither Dignity?

It's been almost 24 hours since Notre Dame unveiled the uniforms the football team will wear for the 2018 Shamrock Series game in Yankee Stadium against Syracuse. I still consider myself too young to be a get-off-my-lawn type, but I certainly will cop to being generally conservative when it comes to Notre Dame, particularly its football program. As such, the recent trend of wearing "alternate uniforms" tends to rub me the wrong way. Let's be clear, I'm not wedded to the blue-jersey-gold-pants thing ... my favorite ND uniform ever is the green-and-gold the team came out of the tunnel in for the 1977 USC game, and I wish that would be ND's typical garb.

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This. This thing. Right here

The 85-scholarship limit the NCAA imposes sometimes leads to more than its fair share of brinksmanship.  Players chose to leave for whatever reason, recruits do or don't make their grades, spring football results in injuries, etc.

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First Team Out

Knowing the Irish were in the NCAA Tournament until Davidson grabbed its spot by upsetting Rhode Island in the Atlantic 10 championship game is, as Mike Brey said, another gut punch in a season of gut punches.

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