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Life Isn’t Fair … are Schedules?

I grew up being told life isn’t fair and I shouldn’t expect it to be. The message came from everywhere — mom, grandparents, teachers, and even the Princess Bride (although also pointing out it’s “fairer than death”, cold comfort as it may be). So let me begin by copping to the fact I have an…

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In Praise of Vitamin D

Those of us who prefer games at Notre Dame in the sunlight versus the spotlights will be getting our wish for 2019

Don’t Panic

British science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke said Douglas Adams’ use of “don’t panic” in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy was perhaps the best advice that could be given to humanity. Notre Dame basketball fans being, for the most part, part of humanity, it’s good advice for them. Even with injuries and defection, a…

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