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  • First Team Out

    Knowing the Irish were in the NCAA Tournament until Davidson grabbed its spot by upsetting Rhode Island in the Atlantic 10 championship game is, as Mike Brey said, another gut punch in a season of gut punches. Being the #1 seed in the NIT is cold comfort, but the NIT it shall be. Notre Dame … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Diagnose Before Attempting To Cure

    Would a doctor treat symptoms without a diagnosis? Of course not. Would a mechanic repair a car’s engine before identifying what’s wrong? A good mechanic wouldn’t. Would a media pundit propose a fix to college basketball’s standards without articulating its problems? Of course they would. They’re meatheads.

    Dick Vitale

    “The NCAA’s got a problem. It’s … Full Notre Dame News Story

    So You’re Telling Me There’s a Chance

    Notre Dame’s 84-67 victory at Boston College on Saturday improved its conference record to 6-8. The depleted Irish must get to 9-9 just to be in the NCAA Tournament discussion; and even then, they will have work to do in the ACC Tournament.  A couple of conference tourney wins might be enough, but ND still … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Basketball Is Ugly When a Team Can’t Shoot

    Brad Stevens has a great quote about basketball that I believe applies to the 2017-18 Fighting Irish. “You have to earn your right to win the game with effort and togetherness,” he said.

    Stevens neglected to mention that a team that can’t shoot doesn’t have many options. Effort, toughness, rebounding, defense… Those are important, but … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Don’t Shoot the Messengers

    Yes yes, we’re the meanies again.  Same as it ever was.

    Folks are now getting upset because people on our restricted football board, Rock’s House, are discussing the possible connections between Notre Dame Director of Athletics Jack Swarbrick and the scandal currently overwhelming the United States Gymnastics program and its tolerance of a serial sexual … Full Notre Dame News Story