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Give the Gift of Mirror

For those of you who haven’t tried it, former Irish QB Rick Mirer’s Mirror Napa Valley wines are outstanding.¬† They have an outstanding flavor and, IMO, represent among the best of the California vintages. For this holiday season, Mirror is offering a Holiday Gift Pack, including a duo of their wines with a personalized message…

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Committee May Face Tough Choice

Even though it would appear that only one of the four playoff spots is still in doubt, the possibilities remain intriguing. Let’s start with the nuclear option, in which Georgia knocks off Alabama in the SEC Conference Championship. This would give Georgia the most impressive victory among the one-loss contenders that include Oklahoma and Ohio…

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America’s Loosest Coach Opens Up

When Irish hoops fans talk about head coach Mike Brey, his laid-back nature and approachability¬† are common refrains.¬† They often describe him as the coach currently at Notre Dame they’d most like to have a beer with. To my knowledge, ND isn’t about to market a Mike Brey hangout opportunity.¬† But Triumph Books is giving…

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Imperfect Game but a Perfect Season

Notre Dame appeared to be dazed and confused for much of the first half, but managed to regroup and make a precious handful of clutch plays to prevail by 24-17 over the USC Trojans. The outcome of the hard-fought, tense battle was in doubt until Miles Boykin recovered an onside kick for the Irish with…

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