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  • Winning Plays

    If you follow college basketball even a little, you know that the Notre Dame men’s basketball team won the Maui Classic tournament. Early season tournaments aren’t the biggest deal in the world, not compared to the NCAA Tournament or the ACC Tournament; but it’s a challenging format that is a good test of mettle as … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Fourth Quarter Meltdown Dooms Irish

    Notre Dame took a precarious 20-17 lead into the final period against Stanford on Saturday night, but the Cardinal scored three touchdowns in the next five minutes with help from multiple Irish turnovers to post a 38-20 win. The loss ended the regular season for the 9-3 visitors and will knock them out of the … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Irish Seek Elusive Win in Palo Alto

    Notre Dame will travel to the West Coast to battle Stanford on Saturday in pursuit of its tenth victory of the season and first in Palo Alto since 2007. The 8-3 Cardinal have won six of the previous eight contests between these schools. Stanford Coach David Shaw has won five consecutive home games against teams … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Wonder, Think & Know: Thanksgiving edition

    Even if Mike Royko had said “Some things you wonder, some things you think, and some things you just know”, there’s no way he would have said it about Thanksgiving.  Everyone knows what they’re thankful for today, and that includes yours truly.  So allow me to lay a little protocol on you, my audience, regarding … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Time to Answer the Door

    This started out as a WT&K column, but I found myself gravitating towards the same subject over and over and figured I may as well just write about it.  So those of you still unsure about what Mike Royko said will have to wait another week.

    When looking at the 2017 season so far, it’s … Full Notre Dame News Story