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  • Clausen vs. Quinn

    ( – The Rock Report) – When I wrote that Clausen would be better than Quinn in this offense by mid-year this year I received a fair amount of “you’re crazy” emails and even more “you’re a moron, Quinn was a record setting QB” emails. But mid way through Clausen’s sophomore year, Clausen’s numbers are … Full Notre Dame News Story

    In Search of Wow

    ( After a year and a half in purgatory, it’s clear to all but the Ostriches that the Notre Dame offense will be a force for the next two years at least.

    Clausen will be at least as good as Brady Quinn and has started to blossom (I hate that word) now that we can … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Fits, Starts, and Quicker Picker Uppers

    ( Whenever my kids try my patience, I threaten to embarrass them on the Internet. Given the amount of posting I do, it’s no idle threat.

    Today, I was thinking about our ordeal toilet training them. Neither of them made it at all easy. Just when we thought they had it, there would be an … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Weis Cracks and Crack Backs (by Bacchus and Kayo)

    If the defensive game plan was to make Cameron Sexton win the game, it worked.

    Not covering Hakeem Nicks practically guaranteed it.

    Cover? Coach, I thought you said “hover”.

    If I were a Wolverine, a horrifying thought as I type it, I’d claim that my team handed the game to the opponent with turnovers. I’m… Full Notre Dame News Story

    One That Got Away

    ( – North Carolina came from behind with a dominant second half to defeat Notre Dame by 29-24 on Saturday in Chapel Hill. The Tar Heels once trailed by 17-6, but they turned up the defensive intensity and forced four second half turnovers on their way to a hard fought victory. The final Irish possession … Full Notre Dame News Story