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  • The Atkins Diet (of Headlines)

    Notre Dame picked up its first commitment for the hoops class of 2010 in the person of 6’1″ point guard Eric Atkins. This fulfills a critical need in the upcoming class — someone to take the reins from Ben Hansbrough when the junior-to-be graduates in 2011.

    The Columbia, MD, product chose the Irish after two … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Let Them Eat Steak

    Rock’s House Discussion on the Training Table

    (The Rock Report) – Would you put regular gas into a Formula One car and expect it to compete for a championship? The answer is… of course not. When Ruben Mendoza recently lobbied for a training table for Notre Dame athletes, he wasn’t just making excuses. In the … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Spring Signs

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    (The Rock Report) – As I’ve detailed in this column in past years, you don’t learn very much in the Spring. The list of past MVPs and players who looked like they were going to have breakout years, … Full Notre Dame News Story

    It’s Time to Expect to Beat Southern Cal

    (The Rock Report) – There has been an ideological debate on NDNation over whether coaching or talent was responsible for Notre Dame’s two year plunge. The answer is both and when you have two factors with that much impact, it’s hard, if not impossible, to determine ultimate causation.

    As we’ve covered before (ad nauseam) Weis … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Rest In Peace, FHSU

    Long-time poster Jonny May, better known on the boards as FHSU Irish, lost his battle with cancer today at the age of 27.

    Jon shared his stories with the NDN community and was an inspiration to many. Our prayers are with his family.

    For those unfamiliar with his story, you can read about it on … Full Notre Dame News Story