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  • Confident Irish Dominate Nevada

    Jimmy Clausen’s pinpoint passing and a gritty Notre Dame defense combined to crush Nevada by a 35-0 margin that could easily have been greater. Michael Floyd used his athleticism to convert three pass receptions into long touchdowns, while Kyle Rudolph and Armando Allen also scored for the Irish. Meanwhile, consistent defensive pressure caused Nevada’s “Pistol” … Full Notre Dame News Story

    And the Readers Expect… 9.5 Wins in 2009.

    (Thanks to Farley for Compiling) – Based on a survey of over 8,000 fanatic crazies, the percentage following the team name is the average confidence level for each game.

    WSU – 95.0%Washington – 94.8%Navy – 94.3%UConn – 89.9%Purdue – 89.8%Nevada – 87.7%Stanford – 78.8%Michigan – 75.6%BC – 74.5%Pitt – 72.0%MSU – 65.1%USC – 41.0%

    The … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Irish, Weis Seek Validation

    by John Vannie

    Notre Dame opens the 2009 football season at home on Saturday with renewed hope for both the program’s reputation and the security of its head coach. The Irish struggled to a 10-15 record in the past two seasons as Charlie Weis attempted to rebuild the program with a solid base of underclassmen. … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Weis Press Conference Transcript

    BRIAN HARDIN: This is Brian Hardin here at Notre Dame. Coach Weis will start with opening comments. Once he’s completed, we’ll start with questions.

    COACH WEIS: Good afternoon. We’re finally to the real game week. We’re excited to get going against a formidable opponent, Nevada. They’ve been to four straight Bowl games, returned seven guys … Full Notre Dame News Story

    NDN Probability Poll

    It’s what you’ve been waiting for, the annual NDNation Probability Poll. Please choose your estimated probability that Notre Dame will beat each of the teams on the schedule. In addition to the match-up, placement in the schedule, location of the game, maturation of players, etc. are all considerations. We’ll aggregate these and report back on … Full Notre Dame News Story