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  • Irish Awaken Echoes of 2007

    Notre Dame opened its long anticipated 2008 football season with a sloppy 21-13 victory over San Diego State. The final outcome did not overshadow a disappointing performance by the Irish, who committed four turnovers and were on the brink of defeat before the Aztecs fumbled away a golden opportunity to put the game away.

    Much … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Irish Welcome New Beginning

    Notre Dame opens its 2008 football season on Saturday against San Diego State University. The Irish will officially turn the page on a miserable 2007 season by playing an opponent that is making its first ever trip to South Bend. The once-proud Aztecs are suffering through a difficult period in their own history and do … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Irish Opponent Watch

    Although Notre Dame’s school administration refused to schedule a game this weekend, the rest of the college football world decided it was time to play. Here’s a brief look at how future Irish opponents fared in their openers. The 5-6 aggregate mark included a few stunning losses and a pair of impressive wins by Navy … Full Notre Dame News Story


    There is plenty of Kool-Aid being sold in South Bend these days, and I’m surprised by the numbers of folks that are more than eager to guzzle it. Perhaps it’s an elixir that will erase the painful memories of Notre Dame’s 2007 season while pumping up expectations for a splendid campaign in 2008. In any … Full Notre Dame News Story

    A Word From Our Sponsor

    For those too young to remember, NDNation actually started out as an internet saloon called “The Pub” back in 1999. It essentially began with a bunch of refugees (including Cash, JVan and SEE) from Tom Schlidt’s Irish Recruiting Journal after the IRJ was sold to one of the mega sites. Now back then we actually … Full Notre Dame News Story