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  • Goodbye George

    NDN regulars may remember the name George Porter-Young. Last April, an article in the Observer talked about his battle with bone cancer and the fact that he hadn’t been home to England in 42 years.

    A number of posters on the site participated in a funding drive to allow George one final visit with his … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Changing of the Irish Guard (2009 Edition)

    (The Rock Report) – Yeah, there’s that big to do in DC, but when the music stops and all of the assistant coaching changes are finally finished, Notre Dame’s football leadership will also look dramatically different in 2009 and include at least one and possibly two blockbuster names from Notre Dame lore, NFL pro-bowlers Bryant … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Redemption Starts Up Front

    (The Rock Report) – Lou Holtz used to say that you could tell how good a team was going to be by how good the offensive line looked. Many things have changed over the past years, but this one hasn’t: successful teams win at the point of attack. LSU beat Florida last year by bulldozing … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Notre Dame Talent Rising

    (The Rock Report) – Notre Dame hasn’t been this hot with recruits since Lou and Vinnie ran the show in the late 80s and early 90s.

    Putting aside the on the field performance over the last two years and looking at the overall direction of the Notre Dame program, it hasn’t been this healthy a … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Opportunities Abound

    The dawn of a new year is the time of hope. People make resolutions to do better in their lives. They see an opportunity for a clean slate, and want to take advantage of the benefits that slate can give. Some folks have Opportunity knocking at their door today. If they take advantage, it could … Full Notre Dame News Story