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  • Scrutiny vs. Scrutiny

    I’ve tried to stay out of the brou-ha-ha regarding the recent South Bend Tribune articles regarding Jimmy Clausen’s recruitment and its effects or lack thereof on the philosophies of the Notre Dame football program. Not only am I not the site’s football guy in the first place, I dislike recruiting in all college sports, and … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Notre Dame’s Greatest Rival

    by ndoldtown

    Notre Dame fans often speak in terms of “rivals” and “big games”. Often younger fans are influenced by games that have been important recently, such as Miami in the eighties. Some fans are influenced to call teams they dislike intensely “rivals”, such as Michigan. Others focus on teams that may have had recent … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Mighty Kevin at the bat

    The mistakes that can drive you crazy are the ones which, while they have no lasting repercussions on the overall path of your life, remain things you wish you’d done differently because of how they reflect on your self-image. One of those gnaws at me to this very day.

    There was a girl in high … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Dear Santa

    In my house, we grew up with the mantra that anything worth doing was worth doing well. I realize that’s a tough philsophy to defend while reading my blog entries, but let’s file that under suspension of belief and talk about my usual topic, ND basketball.

    Word out of D.C. is the Board of Trustees … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Put Down the DaVinci

    As promised, I finished reading The DaVinci Code last night. After my early disappointment that Timmy Kovach was not featured, I managed to get through the last page with my sanity and faith still intact. Don’t all sigh with relief at once.

    I’d like to address what I believe are the three main parts of … Full Notre Dame News Story