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  • Memo to Jack: Fix It

    For those who do not frequent the NDNation message boards, this was posted by a former Notre Dame player as a commentary on the current state of the program.

    I don’t post to NDNATION often, but read it daily. Before anyone dismisses this as another “internet wacko” post, know this…

    I am a proud member … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Set the Tone

    I decided to drag out a Mike Brey-ism for this one.

    I realize things both on this blog and on Rock’s House and Cartier Field have trended very negative, especially since the Syracuse debacle and everything that’s happened since. I’ve contributed to it, both here and there, and have decided to take a mini sabbatical … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Christmas For Sale at ND

    The irony was not lost on me. On Pearl Harbor Day, Notre Dame announced its football team would play in the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl against the University of Hawaii. The game will be played on Christmas Eve, which has caused quite a stir among Irish fans who are already displeased with the fact that the … Full Notre Dame News Story

    John Mazur Update

    Two years ago, one of our posters, SanBarIrish, brought the board the story of former Irish player John Mazur. John and his wife, Bernadine, were in tough financial times due to John’s NFL pension not being what it should. We put the full story of John and his situation here.

    SanBarIrish posted an update yesterday:… Full Notre Dame News Story

    Polar Football?

    Ever since the move to Conference Championship Games Brought to You By AllState Because You Could Die Tomorrow Just Like John David Stutts, it seems the college football schedule has crept later and later. The Pac10 and Big East, not saddled with a made-for-TV event, followed ESPN’s financial siren song and now consider the first … Full Notre Dame News Story