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Height:  6' Weight:  Gravity wins lbs. Alumni Status:  ND '60
Location:  Gateway to Dixie Favorite Baseball Team:  Old Louisville Colonels, Jimmy Piersall & Red Sox era.
Natural Enemies:  I outlived most, others I don't give a damn about.

Athletic Ability: Member PGA of America since 1966. Father and brother both PGA members.

ND golf captain, frosh numerals, 3 Monograms. (Means nothing in real world.)
Lost a lot of distance but still scrape it around pretty fair. Don't let the skirt fool you.

Sartorial Style: As Doug Sanders said, "I'd rather look sharp and shoot 80 than look like a slob and shoot 70. Who remembers scores anyway."

Favorite Beverage and Consumption Freq: "I believe I will have one!"

Political Philosophy: Very independent. Definitely not a lemming on either side.

Religious Philosophy:
Cradle Catholic from the Kentucky Holy Land.

Musical Favorites: I was Grand Ole Opry type country before country was cool. Pre 60's Rythm & Blues and original Rock & Roll.

Favorite Quote from an ND Coach: Do we have a bomb play?!

Miscellaneous Data: I have a problem with whiners. I've got my own problems, if something is bothering you take it to the chaplain. I'm very easy to talk to but please don't start a conversation with your quality of sleep last night because I don't care.