Author: Mike Coffey

My Dinner with Charlie

Alright, it’s more like my dinner with Charlie and 2,000 others. But I got the most vivid reminder yet why Charlie Weis is such a good fit at Notre Dame, and far be it from me not to share it with those who weren’t able to dine with us. In deference to him, I waited…

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Vagina Dialogues

I realize this isn’t sports related, but disingenuity in all its forms makes my brain itch. There is nothing that makes me more crazy than people who participate in a negotiation claiming a desire to see all parties satisfied when in reality what they want is 100 percent of their own wishes fulfilled. Which is…

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God Speed, Coach Ray

I first met Ray Meyer in the Spring of 2002, when I interviewed him for Echoes on the Hardwood. At the time, he was probably the most famous person I’d ever had a full conversation with, and since he was one of my first interviews, the whole process was a little intimidating for me. But…

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