A Few Thoughts on Top of That...
by dillon77 (2022-06-17 15:04:43)

In reply to: I got in a Twitter debate with Foy about this  posted by flanner96

-- As suggested, I think a team should get away from scheduling the maximum (hello, Duke) or minimum (hello, Irish) on their schedules. Suggesting a mid-point certainly would be a prudent idea.

-- As for "objective" criteria, just what are these: RPI? SOS? Polls? Some weighted combination thereof?

-- And then there probably should be another element to it:
“We may need to recognize that we need a subjective, human-based element to the selection criteria.”
— Lars Tiffany (UVA Coach)

Running off winning streaks at the end of the day could be considered, as could taking the #1 team to the limit, as ND did.

Working on the criteria is something that requires working with other teams and institutions. ND can help its case with scheduling.