The human element (which includes the polls)
by NDoggie78 (2022-06-20 14:16:30)

In reply to: A Few Thoughts on Top of That...  posted by dillon77

are those that actually watch ALL the teams, how they play, how they match up, and how they are currently playing. Consider what your "expert" partners - those broadcasting the games are saying. Also when you play in almost unplayable weather as we did when we lost to OSU, that should be a consideration - all those factors RPI apparently doesn't "see" (although according to RPI, we should have been in anyway).

You'll never convince me that the committee even watched any games.
I am biased, but I saw enough games to know the selection and seedings were biased towards the Ivey league.

One obvious matchup that should have been an indicator - Syracuse lost in overtime to Cornell. ND beat that same Syracuse team 22-6 and 18-11.