ND Women's Lax Revamps Assc. Coaching Staff
by dillon77 (2022-07-21 10:58:48)

- Lauren Banner comes from Loyola to coach defense
- Adam Sear comes from Michigan as offensive coordinator
Sear has been at Michigan five years and his coaching was evident this year in the two games against ND this year: the first, a regular season win at ND; and, the second during the NCAA tourney.

Long-time Halfpenny associate head coach Katie Powell is no longer with the program.

Assistant/Associate coaches do come and go with frequency, but it may not be coincidence that there has been action on both sides of the face off circle, given that ND barely made it into the NCAA's with a team many felt vastly underachieved.

There is superb attacking talent here -- Madison Ahern, Kasey Choma and Jackie Wolak, to name a few -- but it's got to be utilized better collectively before that super frosh class mentioned above goes out the door. Perhaps Halfpenny/Swarbrick recognized this. This season could/should have a lot of eyes on it.