The obsession over Faceoffs is misplaced.
by RagingBull (2023-03-18 16:09:18)

First, there are two guys on the wings. Often, it becomes a battle at the Restraining Box. So the win percentage may not have anything to do with the faceoff middie but the surrounding fight over the ground ball.

Second, there are lost Faceoffs that lead to fast breaks and then there are lost faceoffs that are lost possessions. Neither are good. I'm not saying a lost faceoff is a positive. But they are different. A lost possession equates to a lost ground ball, a bad shot, or failed clear.

The focus of the Board seems to be on Faceoffs as if that is the story of the game or the fate of the season. It's not. It's misleading. As is singling out one guy.

Faceoff percentage is one of many things to look at but it's lower than others.

Ground Balls
Goalie Saves
Shooting Percentage (shots on goal + possession)
Clearing %
Opponents' Clearing %
Caused Turnovers
Man Down
Man Up
Face Offs

This is the best team we've had in years. There are a number of question marks. Faceoffs remains one. I'm not saying it hasn't been a problem last 2 weeks. Depth on D is another.

I'm not worried about faceoffs. I'm worried about injuries, Corrigan's propensity to panic at times especially when subbing, and just all of the above factors going cold come tournament time.