Agree. We had to play a different style of game today than
by RagingBull (2023-03-25 16:21:11)

In reply to: 15-10 final. Passing wasn't there today.  posted by flanner96

we have all year. More patience and ball control. But I like what I saw from Jake Taylor. He is a key counter to UVA's massive college football-caliber middie and D. He hasn't played much. There was bound to be some rust.

I think we're almost there but we'll need to adjust. I think Corrigan has to think of putting together a bigger D middie line to match up against the Schutz-McConvey-Miezan line.

We have to get Dobson more involved and Team Defense had multiple lapses.

We lost GBs 33-26 and Saves 14-11. Foffs were weak but we didn't give up any Fast Breaks off of them.

It wasn't a clean game but it wasn't a disaster. The good news is that the holes were obvious and by the time May rolls around anything can happen, including 6 Ivies making the Tourney.

And Freeman can go 4-8 next year and I'll still support him. That's a guy who was meant to be a college football coach.