Think about all the millions of people who have ...
by Ofcr. Tim McCarthy (2023-03-25 14:28:16)
Edited on 2023-03-25 14:30:35

In reply to: I just started trying out GPT4 and DALLE2  posted by akarl

... entrusted their and their families' futures to their computer science careers, upon the urging of pretty much every kind of educational and career authority out there, over the last 20 years. People currently in their 20s, 30s, 40s. Their careers could be eradicated, by the millions, within, what? Eighteen months? Two years? Hey, maybe five years.

Add the health care workers whom Gates and others believe will be "empowered" to "do other things." The architects and engineers. The logistics and accounting and production managers. The actors and models, the copywriters, the salespeople .... On and on and on, and it isn't going to take strong AGI to do it. It's only going to take the tools that are being rolled out, to the market, right now.