I cook a lb of bacon in the oven and pour off the grease.
by Giggity_Giggity (2023-03-26 18:41:17)

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(Foil line the baking sheet or else!)

Let the fat cool a bit and then funnel into a bottle of cheap bourbon (I use Old Forested 100 or Evan Williams black label) that you’ve removed 1-2 Oz from. Cork, shake it until your balls are about to fall off, and then pour it into a large mixing bowl. Place mixing bowl in freezer for 24 hrs. Do not stir or disturb in any way.

Eat bacon, drink poured off 1-2oz of bourbon.

After 24 hrs, remove mixing bowl and pick up solid disc of bacon fat. Trash or reuse as cooking grease. Strain bourbon through coffee filters (I just use my coffee maker for this, and strain into the normal carafe). It may take several filters and a bit of time.

Cork and enjoy.