Easiest way to file for a 501c3?
by mintirish (2019-01-11 14:26:54)

I have been working with a small local charity that has been in existence for 2 years. So far we have gone without filing the 501c3 paperwork, but now we are finding we need it for grant applications and to attract more donors.

Anyone know of a service that can handle the paperwork relatively cheaply and easily like legalzoom or some-such?

Located in NY if that matters.

Thanks in advance

This is a big part of my practice area
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If you're just a small org that's growing, you'll probably be able to file the Form 1023-EZ. However, most small nonprofits typically haven't taken all the proper formation steps to check off all the boxes on the application -- ensuring the Articles contain the proper IRS-required language, adopting a COI policy, code of regs, etc. Feel free to email me. I'd happy to give you a little more guidance.

I did it myself last year.
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It was a long process. The 1023 application is detailed, and requires a lot of support statements. You also have state applications to worry about. In CA, I had to file with the Secretary of State, The Registry of Charitable Trusts, and had to file an application for tax exemption.

I'm sure legalzoom has a package to file the 1023 application for you for a few hundred dollars, but you'll still have to provide all the supporting statements like bylaws, conflict of interest policy, specific purpose statement, projected income/budget, program descriptions, related party disclosures, and whatever else may apply.

I would have a competent person from the organization do it over a cheap service. The cheap service will have you do most of the legwork yourself anyway, and then just file the application for you.

There are a lot of good people back here, though. Maybe somebody knows a good firm that handles this stuff for small organizations. Best of luck.

OT: add Mid-90s to your list
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Just follow the instructions (link)
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The form is a bear, but it's not rocket science. Unless your activity or entity structure is weird, it's really just a matter of making sure your formation structure uses the proper magic language and checking off the boxes.

If you're a school, or something school-related, it becomes a major headache and you need to read a bunch of revenue rulings. But otherwise, I would just take a look at the instructions.