by beattherush (2019-01-12 08:28:34)

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Fun arts neighborhood downtown. Sit down and enjoy a Pisco sour and a large platter of meat and watch the passersby and the art.

Stay nearby. I used to recommend the Sheraton for high service but I haven't been down that way in awhile and the service has apparently gone downhill. The Singular is nearby and very nice but quite expensive. I'd either plan on heading back to the airport or grabbing a cheap hotel nearby - there's plenty in the city district, and that's what TripAdvisor is for.

Most of the national museums and whatnot are nearby. You could easily spend a day going to one or two of those plus dinner.

There's an old Pinochet prison camp, Villa Grimaldi, that is quite moving but a long cab ride and you'll need your Spanish (though there is an English audio guide I think). It's more authentic than the purpose-built Museum of Memory and Human Rights but the museum's easier to get to and more accessible.