Great! Your mention of Admiral’s Mast brought back memories
by so-it-goes (2019-02-11 13:34:40)

In reply to: Hong Kong memories  posted by BeijingIrish

of my days aboard the USS Wasp (CVS-18) from '70 - early '72. As a Junior Officer in the Engineering Department both as admin asst. to the Chief Engineer (a jerk) and then Asst. Boiler Officer/B- Division officer I "accompanied" many of the B division "snipes" - to Captain's Mast. They were "chosen" as "participants" a result of a multitude of ill conceived actions, whether on board or in port. It was very difficult at times to "supoport" some of the men in their "hearing" consdering the stupidity of their decsions/actions for the offense they were called up for. Whenm you "won" (and legitimately so) you really gained added - or maybe fosr time - respect of your men, let alone the indivdual.
Yep, thise were the days I wish my memory of the details of my 22 months active duty (shortened commitment due to excess JOs who had reserve NROTC commissions - non-scholarship -at that time were are clear as yours..