Not travel-related but advice just the same.
by BeijingIrish (2019-02-12 13:11:47)

In reply to: Travel Advice - Elk Hunting Guides in Wyoming?  posted by ConnorMacManus

Have you ever killed an elk? Or any large animal? If you are a normal person, there is a psychological dimension to hunting for large animals. Be ready so you are not surprised.

I grew up in the Rocky Mountain West, and I was an avid hunter in my youth. Then, I went to Vietnam. I did not pick up a gun again for 40 years until I began to hunt birds again. A few years ago, a lifelong friend asked me to join him on an elk hunt in the San Luis Valley. I won't go into detail, but I just could not pull the trigger. I just didn't see the point. Even the thought of a nice backstrap of elk roasting in the oven didn't do it for me.

My father was never a keen outdoorsman, and I could not share my enthusiasm for hunting with him. I think this is an important element for you, and I fully appreciate your desire to have a special father-son experience.

If you have hunted extensively, all this might be gratuitous. Have fun. The scenery alone will be worth it.