Perhaps he can be a plant.
by saintapollonia (2019-02-12 13:15:54)

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You are correct, drmurray, in that Michigan sucks. Maybe this will cheer you up...

For those that don't have kids, child abduction in this era is a valid concern. While it may be a bit of Mrs. Lovejoy over hysteria, and one would like to think that 1) my kids can tell who to trust/sniff out a fake story of a potential predator 2) resist physically an attack, it's still an issue to deal with. Like Holtz in game plannning, parenting requires preparation.

One element is to have a safe word, or code word for your kid to know it's okay to go with somebody. Honestly, we haven't had to employ it, but it's there if you need it.

I discussed this with our kids: But, Dad, we need something they can't guess. We can't use something simple. Dad, what about having a SENTENCE, so if an adult is guessing a single WORD, then we know for sure it's not right.

In every conceivable circumstance, I'm sure my kids trust my inlaws (and should). But I wonder if my in laws will ever have to say, "Ann Arbor is a dirty whore".

Obviously, I will change the safe code. But, I thought you could use the pick me up. Good day, drmuray. And...isn't you that just rightfully blames Davie?