MCAT prep advice
by 801stlouis (2019-02-12 13:32:42)

I have a close family friend who immigrated here from the Czech Republic about 20 years ago. She was a nurse over there, but that isn’t of much use here. So she started cleaning houses, babysitting, etc. Her husband works in construction. Her english is fairly good, although I don’t think the husband has picked it up much. Oh, and she is still fairly hot even at 40ish.

Her son was the valedictorian of his high school class a couple of years ago. He is now at the Univ of North FL on some type of scholarship. He hopes to get into UF for medical school. He is in the process of preparing for his MCAT and wants to take a review. His mom did some googling and found an online review for $3,000. She thinks he would do better with more of a classroom type review. They are far from wealthy, so cost is critical for them.

Is there someplace on the internet that lays the choices out well? If anyone has personal insight into things like reasonable cost, online vs classroom, etc. that would be much appreciated.