He announced Aoki's return on July 12th last year
by ndgotrobbedin97 (2018-07-03 11:50:25)

In reply to: Since Savvy has effectively shut down the baseball program.  posted by hibernianangst

The very fact that he had to release a statement saying Aoki would return (in the middle of July....how odd) for 2018 tells you that Jack knows the ship has cargo holds filled with water, the life rafts are being deployed, and women and children are lining up on the sides. Yet, Aoki has once again s*** the proverbial bed, and Mrs. Doubtfire has once again s*** upon the program and its supporters by failing to act.

Aoki is now 224–223–1 overall at ND, 96–129 in conference play (3 years in the Big East, and 425–471–2 in his overall coaching career.

What in those absolutely abysmal numbers offers any hope to Mr. Swarbrick that his coach will eventually be the guy to take ND to the promised land?

Or, is it more likely the case that Mr. Swarbrick only cares about filling the spot with a warm body he doesn't pay much? Does he only care about his ACC brethren being satisfied with ND's participation in the sport?

I say it time and again, but this stands alone as Jack's biggest failure at ND....and to be clear, it's his failure to perform as well as a failure to find the humility to rectify his own mistake.