I don't know many umps with delicate egos
by ndgotrobbedin97 (2023-03-12 23:09:14)

In reply to: It's not the umpire's job to impart lessons ...  posted by CJC

And be very clear, there is an umpire shortage at crisis levels now as it's a thankless job. There are many high level youth and HS age games going on with only a home plate ump. At 14, 15, 16U that's a bad situation. Lived with it all last year.

I hope what this guy did is shown to every aspiring youth player with the very clear message to shut your mouth, and play.

And I don't really care about this ump. D1 college umps are pretty protected and isolated, but guys out doing HS and youth games are saints in my book. They put up with more a-hole parents than I could ever imagine, and have to deal with them even after the game as there's no tunnel to disappear into.

So, messages like this get twisted in kids minds and then eventually you see this crap show up in youth leagues. Sue me. I'm all for the tough love.

We're not short of umps in D1 college ball. But, the game is struggling mightily with this at youth levels and it only seems to get worse every year.