OK, let's look at the respective behavior ...
by CJC (2023-03-13 00:05:47)

In reply to: I don't know many umps with delicate egos  posted by ndgotrobbedin97

and the problem that they cause/threaten to the sport.

For starters, I don't really disagree with your take about the player. His response was out of bounds. As another posted has already noted, he was subject to warning or even ejection. I'd have no quarrel with either.

But as best I can tell, while not defending the player, I don't see anything that poses a threat to the umpire's immediate safety. I haven't read a report that the kid used threatening language or profanity.

On the other hand, the umpire chose to interject himself in the game because he was pissed. He directly affected the outcome of the game by awarding the defensive team an out they hadn't earned.

I'm on these pages often enough to have read dozens of stories about out of control players and parents throughout youth sports. Like you, I find that deplorable. I certainly understand why so many officials give it up -- or never start.

That needs to get addressed.

But there is absolutely no question as to which of these two actors, in this particular incident, posed a greater threat to the game. And it ain't the kid.