Workplace etiquette question.
by Wooderson (2013-01-15 09:50:41)
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It's 1/15. I submitted my November receipts (grand total of 2) in December to my admin for reimbursement. I see online that she hasn't even started my November expense report. I won't even get into the December one, which had all the receipts turned in electronically before the middle of the month.

Is there some way to politely light the fire here? I walked in and saw another co-worker giving her the 3rd degree, we'll see if something happens, but this is like the 3 rd time in the last year its taken for ever to get paid as a result of her taking her time. And I can tell from all the printed out Kohl's coupons and "Hey let me find you a coupon for X activity" stuff that she's not working 100% of the time. How do I handle this?

The squeaky wheel gets the oil...
by tag86  (2013-01-22 15:48:56)     Delete  |  Edit  |  Return to Board  |  Ignore Poster   |   Highlight Poster  |   Reply to Post

...You need to say something or you will be last on her list.

Why not shoot her a polite email?
by Mobster  (2013-01-21 09:58:02)     Delete  |  Edit  |  Return to Board  |  Ignore Poster   |   Highlight Poster  |   Reply to Post

reviewing expense reports is a huge pain in the ass so even if I'm not busy, I find myself looking for excuses to do something else. Additionally, unless your work has an automatic reminder, she may have just forgotten.

If you don't want to shoot her an email, then maybe pop by her office before lunch and just say something like "Hey, I don't want to be a bother, but I could really use the funds from those Nov / Dec work trips I tool." I can't imagine she would be upset.

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