Strictly my opinion, but . . .
by tf86 (2023-03-08 09:35:28)

In reply to: It's sounds like the Pac-12 is at a crossroads.  posted by G.K.Chesterton

I don't see the Pac-12 existing much longer, at least not in any semblance of a form that we recognize.

I think Oregon and Washington will leave for the Big Ten fairly soon. Even a half share from the Big Ten likely will be greater than a full share they would get from the Pac-12. Cal and Stanford may do the same, although it's less likely there's enough interest from the Big Ten to make that happen.

If that happens, it becomes all but a certainty that the Four Corners schools -- Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado and Utah -- depart for the Big XII.

That leaves Oregon State and Washington State, which probably wind up in the Mountain West. In that event, I would expect the Mountain West to call itself the Pac-14, based on the following:

*Some argument for continuity, i.e., Oregon State and Washington State.
*Pac has a stronger brand name than does the Mountain West.
*Most importantly, there will be no one left to demand payment for use of the Pac name.