KC got a real value for the price. Wish the Lions signed
by Raoul (2023-03-17 17:38:42)

In reply to: Drue Tranquill is signing with the Chiefs. (link)  posted by G.K.Chesterton

him over Anzalone who was $6M per year for 3 years.

I would have thought Tranquill could do better contract wise, but maybe he wants an NFL championship. And who wouldn't. He knows how hard they are to beat. And his money will go farther in KC - with lower taxes. He is clearly taking a chance on getting a 3 year deal after next year. That said, he will already by 28 this coming season.

P.S. Love's price seems slightly on the low side, but not by much. He will be a rich man just by the end of this contract. And much lower income taxes in Seattle than NJ/NY.