Your last sentence might be a bit early
by KeoughCharles05 (2016-02-15 17:36:24)

In reply to: I just think you are selling Kizer short.  posted by Cards86

But I agree that folks seem dismissive of what Kizer did.

The use of "admirably" is pretty insulting for a guy that Threw for 2800 yards at a 63% clip, and accounted for 29 total TDs (19 passing) on 10 picks. He had a great season, period. The fact that he was a sophomore when he had it is even more impressive.

But man, Clausen's 2009 season was extraordinary. 3700 yards, 68%, 28 TDs, and 4 picks. All that without anything resembling the run support Kizer got this year. With even half a defense, ND could have had two guys at the Heisman ceremony that year.