The point isn't that NFL teams ...
by CJC (2014-12-21 00:55:13)
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  In reply to: Mortensen is also reporting NFL interest in Kelly.  posted by ndroman21

might be interested in Kelly (although I find that fairly unlikely after his performance the last two seasons, but what the hell do I know).

I don't fault Kelly if there is interest on the part of NFL teams (although I'd fault him for cultivating that interest at this point).

Neither is the point that institutional barriers exist.

The point is that Kelly is supposedly frustrated about them, and sharing that frustration with somebody outside his staff.

If somebody else were "reporting" frustration on Kelly's part, it would strike me as entirely possible that the "reporter" is simply speculating, connecting dots incorrectly.

But why would Mortensen do that? One, you'd think he'd be in a pretty good position to determine whether it's true that Kelly is frustrated over institutional barriers. Two, you'd think that he wouldn't report such frustration unless he had it on pretty good authority.

That's why I place so much weight on these particular rumors from this particular source.

It's highly unlikely to me that Mortensen would report Kelly being frustrated with institutional barriers unless he were damn sure Kelly was frustrated.


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