Where did I say anything about ...
by CJC (2014-12-21 01:13:40)
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  In reply to: I don't follow your reasoning.  posted by ndroman21

whether I believe any other team has interest in Kelly?

(Other than my recent post in which I said I'd be surprised, but immediately thereafter explicitly said I'm not in a position to know who is interested in Kelly or anybody else. For God's sake, the Bears hired Marc Trestman, so anything is possible.)

In today's conversation, I'm not the least bit concerned with what Mortensen said about teams supposedly interested in Kelly and the accuracy of those reports.

I am concerned about Mortensen's report (even "old news" from November) that Kelly is expressing frustration about Notre Dame's institutional issues.

I find them problematic because they're potentially adverse to the University.

I find them credible because I consider Mortensen to be in a position to easily ascertain their validity.

I further find them credible because given their potential adverse impact on Notre Dame (e.g., you can't win there as a coach; players have less chance of playing for championships than elsewhere) demands a response that has not been forthcoming from Kelly or Swarbrick. Absence of a denial where one would be expected is tantamount to an admission.

I'm not concerned about any other aspect of Mortensen's reporting about Kelly at this point.


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