Why don't we hear about MBB's far more severe constraints?
by Scoop80 (2014-12-21 10:27:57)
Edited on 2014-12-21 10:28:40
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  In reply to: Gentlemen, there is nothing new in today's NFL insider.  posted by ndroman21

Where is a BB analyst w/ ties to Mike Brey saying that it's impossible to succeed at ND when your budget is invariably in the bottom 3d (or even bottom quartile) of your conference and your practice facilities predate Woodstock? Did we hear (even indirectly) from MB about ResLife policies that were strictly enforced against a key MBB player only to finally have long-overdue modifications when a key FB player's future was at stake?

So BK lost the Frozen Five for this season. MB lost his franchise player in the middle of last season, and that season quickly went down the toilet thereafter. MB has rebounded this year w/ a team that is really starting to open peoples' eyes. Instead of FB's desultory Sat night Indy win over a bad PU team, MBB thrashed PU in Indy last night.

I don't see public acknowledgment of all of the things BK has gotten, such as training table, field turf, stadium music, the 'tron, and all the rest. I assume that, unless there's a NFL team that's foolish enough to hire him, BK will be back next year. At this point, however, he can't leave soon enough for my taste.


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