That was written shortly before Kelly said this:
by LastDon (2014-12-23 18:45:24)
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  In reply to: Did we talk about Lombard's career being done?  posted by smcchick

(From the transcript on the Rivals site)

Q: "Any other injuries?"

BK: "(Christian) Lombard is dealing with a little bit of a lower back that’s cranky on him right now. We’ve had to be careful with him. He’s had that disc problem most of the year. We’ll be careful with him. We’re hopeful that we can get him to play, but (Mike) McGlinchey has been taking reps there. That’s clearly where we’re a little concerned, but Christian has fought through it all year. That’s really it. We’re hopeful there, but no other injuries."

There appears to be some sort of disconnect between what "a source" told Irish Illustrated and what the head coach is telling the collective media.


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