"Consistent with his expectations"?
by ShermanOaksND (2014-12-24 21:07:58)
Edited on 2014-12-24 21:08:51
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  In reply to: Swarbrick backs Kelly in an interview with The Observer  posted by BigNDfan

Swarbrick added Kelly’s performance as head coach during his five-year stint with Notre Dame has been consistent with his expectations when he brought Kelly in.

“[We’ve had] a national coach of the year, a national championship game and some very key victories,” he said. “We’d all like to win a national championship, but if you told me five years ago when we made the decision, ‘Here’s what you’re going to accomplish, and here’s what your record is going to be,’ I would be okay with that, notwithstanding the struggles of the second half of this season.”

Is Swarbick saying that these were his expectations:

* a .688 winning percentage?
* 4 out of 5 seasons with 4+ losses and a WP below .700?
* 3 out of 5 seasons with 5 losses and a WP below .620?
* 2 out of 5 seasons ranked in the final AP top 25?
* 1 out of 5 seasons ranked in the final AP top 20?
* a 6-13 record against all teams ranked in the final AP top 25?
* a 2-6 record versus teams ranked in the final AP top 10?

Because if that's what Swarbrick is saying, and if he's telling the truth, then we not only have the wrong coach but the wrong athletic director. And if these are the expectations of Swarbrick's bosses, then the housecleaning needs to go beyond Kelly and Swarbrick.

These sure as hell are not my expectations. Far from it. And if this is enough to satisfy ND, then just tell me now so I can be done with ND football forever. Because I've had it with being jerked around.


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