This administration is piss poor
by ndbilly (2014-12-26 17:00:23)
Edited on 2014-12-26 17:04:27
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  In reply to: The more I think about the AD's interview  posted by copperhead67

And until there is a complete shake up from top to bottom we will always be a middle of the pack type of team. We are never feared like we were when Lou and Ara were here. Its a shame that it has come to this but its all about the $$$$$$$$$ and with the TV contact and all the other sponsors they are sitting well financially.

We are ND and were not supposed to be playing in the fucking Pinstripe or Fucking Music City Bowls. Bring back true ND smash mouth football and lets get to the fucking top again.

This needs to stop and stop now. But the big question is ----- How do you implement change ?

Sorry for the rant and language but I love this team and school. I was brought up by my dad to love and live by this team but right now its difficult to get excited about the Music City Bowl and any administrator who thinks this is a stepping stone is full of fucking shit


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