Examples, please
by Kayo (2014-12-27 19:03:19)
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  In reply to: If arrogance were an Achilles heel, Meyer, Saban & Harbaugh  posted by SEE

Harbaugh's arrogance has the Forty Niners telling him not to let the door hit him in the ass despite his success there. It has been and will continue to be his undoing despite him being a really good coach.

Are there examples of Saban and Meyer behaving as I described?

I googled Nick Saban berates reporter and got several links to this incident:

Another reference had him "berating" reporters for not giving an upcoming opponent enough respect. One headline read, "Mount Saban erupts in his Wednesday press conference."

“I hate to be negative with anybody, but when you people start writing stuff about people that we’re playing that doesn’t give them the proper respect, that’s not fair. It’s not fair to them, to their players who work hard. It’s not fair to our players who need to respect them.

“And to make any presumptions like you all make, really, really upsets me. It really does. It’s so unfair.”

If that's Mount Saban erupting, well...

I did the same search for Urban Meyer. I got several references to an incident with a reporter using a player quote that seemed to be a shot at the then departed Tim Tebow. There also were references to his admission that he crossed the line and his very public apology the next day. There were no links to issues with reporters during his time at Ohio State.

Granted, there is more to arrogance than the relationship with the media; but that's where arrogance is most likely to be on public display.


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