Why would he want to be HC at a school with stricter
by Raoul (2014-12-28 11:00:57)
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  In reply to: Meyer needs to be the next coach at ND.  posted by BigNDfan

entrance requirements than ND? Or a school where guys who care little about education can avoid math or a foreign language requirement and can major in something that is at least somewhat related to the career they want to pursue in sports? Or a school where guys can get thrown out for a semester for academic cheating or smoking pot or having sex in the dorm just once?

At OSU he has control, which is what he wants and needs. At ND he won't have the control he needs to achieve his goal/mandate.

At OSU he already has all the glory, all the money and all the TV exposure he could ever want or need.

I don't care that his name is a former Pope's name. Religion is religion and football is football. For all but one hour each week he's focused on football.

He will be at OSU until he decides to be a pro. And if he ever leaves OSU and stays in college, it will be to go to a place like Texas or Alabama, not a place like ND.

P.S. Michigan had no shot at Harbaugh were he not an alum who played and starred for his schools iconic coach. Even still it may not happen (because he's such a lunatic).


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