The JS interview reads even worse now...
by Scoop80 (2014-12-28 11:30:42)
Edited on 2014-12-28 11:31:52
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He's content w/ a Grade B HC and w/ BC as our FB aspirational peer at a time when 2 traditional powers in adjoining states apparently will have Grade A+ HC's in a matter of hours. Plus, Sparty has a HC who's at least roughly comparable to ours.

It's one thing to visibly lag compared to higher level SEC programs. It's another thing to start falling behind programs in your own neighborhood. It's also highly discouraging to think of MI likely moving ahead of ND in total W/L % by 2016 or 2017.

We seem to be a hell of a lot more concerned about those developments than ND's PTB are.


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