It doesn't matter who calls plays. It is the system that
by btd (2017-08-10 18:26:12)

In reply to: I originally liked the hire, but I'm biased.  posted by treisele

matters. God himself could not call plays in our system and produce better results. The system is for piss ant teams that lack the talent to match up with other teams. It gives them a chance to stay in the game sometimes. Those piss ants beat elite teams maybe 1 out of every 20 games -- and sometimes make a few other games close.

ND has an overwhelming talent advantage against 90% of all teams in NCAA. If we ran a power offense we simply would pile drive those 90% into the ground 95% of the time the same as Lou, Ara, Devine, etc. did. Instead, our offense never wears anyone out -- it has the reverse effect for ND: it lowers us to the level of the lesser competition.

The play calling itself will have marginal affect on the outcome. It may help some in the red zone or short yardage, but the reality is in our system we do not practice running the ball enough to ever master it and we never, ever, ever, ever practice any form of power running -- so simply calling more of the few plays we do have won't change the fact we don't have plays that are designed to blow people off the ball and get you 2 yards consistently when the entire world knows you should run the ball.