Herbstreit seems to be one of the few there
by golfjunkie17 (2017-10-30 20:34:55)

In reply to: Kirk Herbstreit can't see an 11-1 Notre Dame being left out.  posted by G.K.Chesterton

that calls it down the middle. I'm sure there's some company talking he is somewhat forced into, but he doesn't seem to fall in love with the flavor of the moment.

I especially respect him for his unbiased tOSU opinions, which have been met with some backlash from the ignorant, parochial, provincial, borderline mentally defective tOSU fan base. He has gotten crap from the fanbase because he is not a kool aid chugger looking through scarlet and grey glasses. It'd be like if ND fans revolted against Mike Golic every time he didn't gush over ND.

He likes Notre Dame. He does.
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His first love always will be Ohio State, and he will be a B1G guy. But he really does like Notre Dame, especially when we are legitimately good. Stated differently, he doesn't think it's fair that ND gets railroaded by the conference system.