Appreciate that, very helpful. One follow-up question.
by rockmcd (2015-01-14 16:44:45)
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  In reply to: ND almost certainly would be out with a #12 rating  posted by ShermanOaksND

Do the OPEN SPOTS go to teams in order of their ranking?

For example, let's assume that next season:
9 contract bids are divvied out to teams ranked # 1 thru 6, 8, 13, and 20.
Notre Dame is ranked #11.
Are the Fiesta and Peach bowls required to fill their remaining 3 slots with the #7, #9, and #10 teams? Or do they have some flexibility to select the #11 team instead?

It sounds like you are saying that they're required to take the highest ranked teams in order, and screw ND. If so, that's bullshit because we lack the opportunity to sneak in the back door.

Cynically though, I have a sneaky suspicion that if there were ever such a close call the puppetmasters on the committee would be cognizant of this and use their "judgment" to rank us just high enough to take advantage of the ticket sales and tv ratings that all of us dorks bring. If they know that we need to be #10 to qualify for the Peach or Fiesta Bowl, they will not rank us #11 or #12.


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